Tuesday, 19 January 2010

London dim sum - straight out of Chinatown!

Whenever I get chance to go to London I always try to sneak a trip to Plum Valley in.

Plum Valley is a cute and super stylish dim sum bar on the main drag in Chinatown, it's different to the usual restaurants at that end of town, but its deluxe dim sum don't come with a silly price tag, and for these reasons I can't get enough!

I thought I'd put a few pics of some of the things we devoured on Saturday when we visited, not that I'm going to try to recreate them (I might at some point, need to get hold of that gorgeous translucent pastry first though!) more that I just fancy sharing my love for all things dim sum!

Highlights for Mathew and I included...

- The black cod dumpling with ginger puree and two types of roe (so succulent and tender and possibly the best dumpling I have ever eaten!)
- Vietnamese spring rolls, I'm not sure what their pastry is made of but it's quite bubbly and delicious, and it contained big chunks of prawn and crunchy cabbage
- Grilled pork peking dumpling with rice vinegar dip, succulent filling and lovely crispy pastry, just as they should be
- The roasted red chilli sauce / oil, it's a deep red colour and I think it has roasted garlic and chillies in it, I ate the little dish they brought us BEFORE any of the dim sum had even arrived, it's so good I just couldn't resist!
- Vermicielli rice noodles with fried shallots, red chilli, black sesame seeds and prawns, really delicate, simple and tasty, definately one I'll be trying to recreate at home shortly
- The flowering Jasmine tea, as you can see in the pic it's served in a wine glass so you really get to see the tea flower unfold, pretty and delicious, what a combination!

Tis now my bedtime, I think tonight is yet another night I'll be dreaming in food. Tomorrow I must get to the gym to counteract my indulgences!

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